8 Evolving Forms 9 A Devotion to the Mystery 10 A Life of Twists and Turns 11 Investigating Mindfulness to Ease Suffering 12 Skiing Toward Enlightenment 13 Envisioning a Greener Future 14 Rocky Flats: A Call to Guardianship 16 Faculty Staff Notes 19 Moving in Circles 20 Advancement News 22 Alumni Notes.These papers, known as the Pigott letters after their author, Richard Pigott, subsequently were published under the title Parnellism and Crime in the British press. Richard Moynan: Irish artist and unionist propagandist.

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8 A View from the Summit • Faculty Profile: Deborah Bowman 9 By Naropa Students, For Naropa Students: YouMe Makes Its Debut 10 Traditional Eastern Arts: Making Every Moment a Composition.p a u l i n a - s u pl e e r d i n e c r r d p a u li n a h w y p r i n g l e s f l a tv r d g l a s s b u t t e s-c a m p c r r d cnty 5-14 c n t y c 5-1 0 klamath marsh - silver.

section 8 N/A N/A Water Absorption (maximum) 1% ASTM D 5147 section 10 N/A N/A Dimensional Stability (maximum) 0.1% ASTM D 5147 section 11 Mass Per Unit Area (minimum) 2.9 kg/m² (59 lb/sq) 1. The value reported is the lower of either MD or XD. Title: Microsoft Word - Paradiene 20 P rev 1 2018.DOC.Other Information: Other Information: 1st Class Mail For UPS/LSO Recipient’s Phone: (_____)_____ Bulk Mail UPS/LSO Regular Ground* Certifi ed UPS/LSO Next Day* 10:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. Express Mail UPS/LSO 2 nd Day* UPS/LSO Insurance (Declared value $_____).

T P • 2 S P R I N G ‘13 SPRING ‘13 The feed in this magazine was sponsored in part by these fine folks. Travelin’ Partners is ©2013 by Cowboy Way Ministries, PO Box 4645, Longview, TX 75606-4645.Alexander (8 and 9), Virginia Talley (8 and 9), Reggie Mudd (8 and 9), George Phillips, Meisha Henderson LWDA 10 - Jan McKeel, Selina Moore (6 and 10), Marcey Taylor, Diane Hague (6 and 10), Pamela Morris (6 and 10), Rick Molder Regional Planning Council members charged with drafting the regional.

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